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Journal Entry – 06/26/19

Every morning I allow my eyes to drift over my vision board. It includes a number of images that remind me of hopes and dreams and wishes that are important to me. It also includes a list of character traits I desire.

And then there’s a list of what is called in biblical circles “The Fruit(s) of the Spirit”. People argue whether it’s one fruit with nine qualities or nine different kinds of fruit. I don’t care – who “wins” that battle and what do they gain?


Anyway, the last item on the “Fruit(s)” list I memorized from the King James Version as “temperance”. These days it’s translated as “self-control”.


I have a few things in my life where I have to admit I do not always practice self-control. I know I should do better, but these are things that become instinct, habit, a non-thinking response to my life and times. I recall times where this lack of self-control has been quite costly – financially, relationally, physically… the list goes on.


So as I scanned my vision board today, I was surprised to see how strongly the lowercase text “self-control” jumped out at me compared to everything else. And I know what it’s saying to me. I know exactly what it is saying. And I know what I have to do…


And that reminds me of the insight that whacked me over the head recently as I conversed with my son. It’s becoming something I think about frequently. It’s something I see every morning as part of my routine. And it’s as simple and difficult as any other “right foot” issue:


You already may.

You know you can.

The question is will you?

That’s what it always comes down to: WILL I?


That question gets right to the heart of the matter, like a well-aimed arrow. It pierces and penetrates. It will not be ignored. And how I respond says everything about where I currently am and if I’m really heading in the direction that I say I want to go. It almost feels like the “right foot” immediately followed by the “left foot” with no pause in-between.


It’s the big question we all face every day with every situation.

It’s the question I know that life is asking me today:


Will you?

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