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Journal Entry – 09/03/19

You can’t demand that a dance conforms to the rhythm inside your own head. You have to go with the flow. Otherwise you’ll be frustrated and frustrate others as you try to force them to your rhythm.

There’s a certain amount of surrender to it… and with it a kind of freedom that is only known through surrender.

You allow the dance to be what it is. Your job is to get in sync with it, not force your agenda. Your job is to take the focus off yourself and instead notice others – where they are, what they are doing, and when they are doing it. You pay attention and try to be more and more aware of others. And as you forget yourself for a while, you start to enjoy the freedom and the community of the dance. It’s not about you… it’s about US.

This same pattern applies to many areas of our lives – relationships, politics, faith traditions, work – there’s a rhythm to them all that is enhanced by focusing on others rather than yourself. It’s not about you… It’s about US.

Most mornings I read these notes I jotted down while reading Neale Donald Walsch’s book “Conversations with God (Volume 1)”:

Pain results from a judgment you have made about something.
Remove judgment and the pain disappears. Good, bad – who’s to say?
Suffering has nothing to do with events, but with your reaction to them.
Thank you for helping me go with the flow and gratefully accept what is.
I reject judgment, embrace what is, and let it teach me.

It’s a daily reminder for me to let go of my demands for how I think life should work. When instead I try to force my flow on the world, I find myself angrily shouting in my car on the way to the office at people I’ve never met for infractions they don’t even know they’re making because they’re just doing what they do, unaware of my demands. So I’ve made a practice of just going with the flow of traffic – whatever speed, how many ever stop lights I encounter – and letting go of judging people for their driving, their cars, their appearance, etc. And now that I’ve done this for a while, I see this practice affecting other areas of my life for the better.

What demands have you placed on life? Where are you constantly frustrated? How frequently do you judge people you don’t even know? What can you learn from it all by stepping back, finding the flow, and turning the attention away from yourself for a while?

This one takes some work. You have to put your head in, not just your limbs. You have to spend time seriously contemplating these things, time alone and away from the demands of others so that when you finally put your whole self in, you can do it in sync with others and experience the true joy that awaits you.

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