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Journal Entry – 09/23/19

Tonight I will be giving a “Meet The Author” presentation in the city where I was raised (Redford, Michigan).

Earlier this summer as I was developing the presentation, I wrestled with exactly what to talk about. I didn’t want to simply give a summary of my book like someone who spoils a movie by telling you the highlights and the ending. Yet I knew I still needed to address some of the book’s concepts to help people see where it could apply to their lives.

What to do? What could I tell people that would enlighten and inspire them while still letting them discover for themselves what is important to them inside the pages?

It’s kind of like setting up a song you are about to perform: you want to provide just enough to pique their interest without spelling out exactly what it means to you because any work of art has a personal element to it that the artist has no control over. People find their own meaning and it may have nothing to do with the work of art or what inspired it.

I discussed it with my marketing mentors at Coeus Creative Group and we decided the best approach would be to provide backstory for how the book came to be in the first place. The more I ruminated on that, the more I realized it could be quite a compelling approach that allows for some discussion of the book’s concept while providing deeper insight to what informed its writing.

As I developed the outline, I was struck by the various confluences in my life both with relationships and with my lifelong development as an artist. I’m not saying this book is a work of art; I’m saying it comes from an artist who has experienced a relationship with The Muse for well over forty years. I’ve learned a thing or two about inspiration and cultivating the sparks that The Muse provides in those unpredictable moments.

Last night as I was preparing for the presentation, I felt inspired and encouraged as I reflected on what led up to the creation of this book and how the process helped me personally during its development. After a week filled with unexpected difficulties, I was invigorated again to keep at it, believing that if the book helped its own author, it can and will help others navigate the challenges and opportunities of their lives as well.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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